Social Networking Antidote

by Chris Kenton on May 23, 2008

Several years ago I saw a cartoon where an enterprising child was selling 5 cent lemonade to adults passing by. Just around the corner his friend was greeting the customers leaving the lemonade stand — now doubled over in pain — with another stand selling the lemonade antidote for $5. Fast forward to the present day and you’ll find Michael Fertik, selling the social networking antidote at for as little as $29.95 (actually he has to diagnose the problem first for $9.95) I don’t know whether he’s a hero to the small but growing number of people in the back of the tech-boat who are paddling in the opposite direction or a sharliton, selling snorkels to the passengers of the Titanic. Either way his service won’t save you now but it does turn “antisocial” into a viable, and even lofty, business model.

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