Making Sense of Content/Community Convergence

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with a lot of companies on various kinds of community and content projects. Some are startups looking at community as the foundation of their marketing efforts, others are enterprise companies trying to galvanize a channel, or develop a customer community. It’s amazing to see the convergence around… Continue reading Making Sense of Content/Community Convergence

Oh, The Predictions

I had an opportunity to attend the event last night, courtesy of my partners at , whose video interviews with the panelists I predict will be the best part of the whole carnival. We’re in the middle of that frothy season of media predictions for what earthshaking business and technology events will transform our lives… Continue reading Oh, The Predictions

Getting Schooled on Social Media

So after I just crowed about getting 600 leads through our latest lead gen program, Jeremiah Owyang, who writes on social marketing out there, says “dude, that’s so 1.0”. And he’s right. Out of 600 leads, we’ve had phone conversations with about 30. No community, no open dialog, no engagement. As Owyang points out, he… Continue reading Getting Schooled on Social Media

Social Media Whitepaper Off the Charts

It’s been about eight weeks since we launched our whitepaper discussing “”, and the response has been tremendous. We’re approaching 600 registered downloads this week, which frankly blows my mind. With a qualifying form and a short survey gating the download, I figured maybe we’d break 150. 600 is crazy. The whitepaper details 12 basic… Continue reading Social Media Whitepaper Off the Charts

Does Facebook have Security Problems?

I’ve been following an interesting story about Facebook that’s been playing out over the past couple of days. The original, and best coverage, was reported on Techcrunch, where Nik Cubrilovic reported the exposure of Facebook’s sourcecode for the application’s main index page. Facebook’s Brandee Barker responded to the report in the comments section, and didn’t… Continue reading Does Facebook have Security Problems?

Facebook vs. LinkedIn

I’ve been following some of the arguments recently about the professional use of social networking tools, particularly the debate over Facebook vs. LinkedIn–a discussion accelerated by Jeff Pulver’s that he’s abandoning LinkedIn to focus only on Facebook. Given that Facebook has only recently made the jump from college social site to wide open networking, that’s… Continue reading Facebook vs. LinkedIn

Dumping MySpace for Facebook

Over the past few weeks, I’ve given up on MySpace and started the transition over to Facebook. I’ve just finally gotten fed up with the babe spam of “friend invitations” on MySpace, and the lack of good marketing and business discussions. I’ve found a couple of really good Facebook groups that finally sealed it for… Continue reading Dumping MySpace for Facebook

Jupiter’s New Social Media Report Looks Fishy

Jupiter Research is touting a new study that purportedly shows Social Media has little impact on influencing online retail sales. But in the first paragraph of their press release, they betray a study bias that seems to contradict their own headline, and throws the relevance of the study into question. …despite the growth of social… Continue reading Jupiter’s New Social Media Report Looks Fishy

IT Execs Reference Social Media in Purchase Decisions

A report, published by IT Toolbox and PJA Advertising+Markteing, revealed that a significant number of IT Executives are referencing Social Media in their purchase decisions. After reading the results, I concluded that this research validates social media as essential to a marketer’s demand generation strategy. The publishers surveyed both large (greater than 1000 employees) and… Continue reading IT Execs Reference Social Media in Purchase Decisions