Social Media Topic Red Hot

I finished out my trip to Austin last week as we launched a big lead gen campaign for MotiveLab with , an Austin-based lead generation specialist. We wrote an article for the (registration required, but worth it) about social media as a lead generation channel, and offered a link to a Marketing Brief titled “12… Continue reading Social Media Topic Red Hot

Lenovo Shines in Social Media Relations

I recently had a customer service experience that put a spotlight on Lenovo’s significant order management problems, and their equally significant social media successes. I was one of many consumers who ordered a laptop, only to be strung along with a series of shipment delays and less than candid conversations with their customer support representatives.… Continue reading Lenovo Shines in Social Media Relations

Has Google Lost its Way?

Cross posted at Marketonomy. There was an article in the Financial Times yesterday quoting Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, about the company’s current focus and its vision for the future. It’s an interesting bit of insight if you read between the lines, and may be an indication of the point at which Google has lost… Continue reading Has Google Lost its Way?

Signs of the Media Meltdown

Cross posted on Marketonomy. I’ve been struggling with the ground-level reality of media transformation over the past couple of weeks, working out the details of a business model, advertising structure and platform for MarketingRev. I’ve been a little shell-shocked by the practical obstacles and some of the attitudes I keep running into among people dealing… Continue reading Signs of the Media Meltdown

On the Road with Social Media

[Cross-Posted at Marketonomy] It’s been a crazy busy week. I’ve been heads down working on the business plan for both MotiveLab and MarketingRev. I’ve had a number of inquiries over the past week by different VCs nominally interested in seeing where this is all going, and I’m negotiating partnerships in Europe and Asia to scale… Continue reading On the Road with Social Media

On the Partner Trail

I spent the morning yesterday in San Francisco visiting BuzzLogic and Clickability, two MotiveLab partners, getting a run-through on their platforms. BuzzLogic provides a social media monitoring application for tracking and measuring conversations in the blogosphere. If you want to know who’s talking about issues in your market, and who they’re influencing, BuzzLogic can draw… Continue reading On the Partner Trail