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On the Partner Trail | MotiveLab

On the Partner Trail

by Chris Kenton on March 22, 2007

I spent the morning yesterday in San Francisco visiting BuzzLogic and Clickability, two MotiveLab partners, getting a run-through on their platforms.

BuzzLogic provides a social media monitoring application for tracking and measuring conversations in the blogosphere. If you want to know who’s talking about issues in your market, and who they’re influencing, BuzzLogic can draw you a map. Literally. It starts out like a search engine, in which you enter the keywords or phrases you want to search. The results are displayed in a sidebar list, as either individual blog posts or entire blogs, ranked according to metrics including page views and incoming links.

As you scroll through the list, you can preview each post or blog, and see various stats on the influence of each post or blog, including the number of blog posts that reference the one you’re reviewing, the popularity of those blogs, the recency of the posts, and the relevancy of the posts to your topic based on keywords. If you click on the map, you can see a visual display showing the array of incoming links to the blog you’re reviewing, which you can navigate to follow paths of influence. And each search that you create is saved in a workspace so you can track the conversation over time.

I’ve just gotten set up with a Beta account, and I’ll be using the system to track conversations around social media. After running a short session this morning, it kind of feels like putting glasses on and seeing the world a little more clearly.

After meeting with BuzzLogic, I walked the few blocks over to Clickability to get a brief overview of their content management platform. They provide the CMS platform for many of the world’s biggest publishers, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal and Time, but the platform scales to serve smaller publishers and corporate blogs. It’s basically a one stop shop for everything you need to publish content–or anything you could imagine needing–including web-based access that supports multiple authors, content workflow, advertising, robust RSS, subscription payment, search, multiple translations, metrics and analytics… It’s too long a list to put in a paragraph, but it’s seamless when you see it in the context of the application interface.

There’s a lot happening at Clickability that will be fun to talk about as it emerges over the next few weeks. New deals and new products in the pipeline. It’s great to feel the buzz of a company that’s doing well. Let’s hope it’s viral.

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