Dumping MySpace for Facebook

Over the past few weeks, I’ve given up on MySpace and started the transition over to Facebook. I’ve just finally gotten fed up with the babe spam of “friend invitations” on MySpace, and the lack of good marketing and business discussions. I’ve found a couple of really good Facebook groups that finally sealed it for me, and I set up a profile and a startup group for MotiveLab to discuss social media topics with our network of friends and clients, along with a Marketing Technology Group associated with MarketingRev.com. If you’re interested in connecting with other marketers on Facebook to talk about social marketing and technology, join us.

There are some other worthwhile groups on Facebook touching on other facets of marketing and business, and there’s some very compelling dialog. Jason Preston over at Blog Business Summit has compiled a list of the best discussion marketing discussion boards that are definitely worth a visit.

In the few weeks that I’ve been playing around with Facebook, I’m impressed with the calibre of content and people. I won’t be looking over my shoulder at MySpace, and I suspect they may even start to give LinkedIn a run for the money in the market of business professional looking for a way to connect. They’ve got a ways to go, however. The searching capabilities suck, as do the profiles, and the ways for friends to connect. But if the content’s worthwhile, I suspect people will overlook the shortcomings for a while.

If you’re not already up online at Facebook and you’re interested in social media, I strongly suggest you check it out. It’s free and easy to get started. Look me up when you get there.

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  1. The crappy search interface was one of the main reasons I started rooting around to make the list in the first place. I find that after getting so used to Google, most built-in search features for sites – everything from Wikipedia’s built in search to MySpace – pales in comparison.

    Thanks for the link, I hope you found the list helpful. If you stumble across something that needs to be added, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

  2. Thanks Jason. Nice work. I hope to have our groups up to speed to warrant a listing on your site.

    My next quest is to find some kind of FaceBook app to subscribe to my Group as an RSS feed. It would be much easier than having to keep swooping back into FB to check if anyone’s posted. Seems like a Web1.0 concept–you could subscribe to BBS posts with vBulletin years ago. Was surprised not to see an RSS button on every group page…

    Thanks for posting.

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