What’s Happening In Marketing

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A few months ago, I started an ambitious project to video tape thought leaders in marketing technology. My good friends at Miner Productions partnered with me to shoot and produce a series of videos for MarketingRev, and we got some great material. But along the way, I got side-tracked with the SocialRep venture and the videos languished on the shelf.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to wrap up loose ends, and this is definitely the biggest. A lot of talented people gave me a lot of time and support in putting these videos together, and the only way I can show my appreciation is by publishing their work. I’m posting the videos at their intended home on MarketingRev, but I’m also going to publish them here. First up: John Girard from Clickability, who’s been a big supporter of MarketingRev and this video series. Thanks!


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