Crowdsourcing or Crowdsouring

There’s no doubt that Crowdsourcing (aka getting your customers to work for you) is big business. According to self-checkout alone is projected to be worth $1.2 trillion by 2009. Customers helping themselves or each other works because most people are served quicker, more accurately and leave with a stronger relationship to the company or product… Continue reading Crowdsourcing or Crowdsouring

Pickens Charge

Most of the work we do here at MotiveLab focuses on understanding the attitudes, interest and motivations of the people using a product or service. Understanding an audience enables us to design programs for engagement that create trusting relationships. Occasionally we are asked to design social media programs that alter behavior so that a new… Continue reading Pickens Charge

Who Would Jesus Shoot?

I’ve been working with companies on building effective consumer and B2B brands for many years. It’s always interesting to view organizations through the “brand lens”. The church is a particularly interesting subject since it’s so easy to point out inconsistencies in behavior – actions that sit in complete or more often apparent contradiction to the… Continue reading Who Would Jesus Shoot?

Social Inner-Working

Interesting article today from the Sydney Morning Herald about sharing ultrasound images on sites like MySpace. . “Many mums-to-be say posting ultrasound photos is an easy way to announce an exciting piece of information to lots of people all at once. But some warn that sharing foetal pictures could be oversharing” I think this discussion… Continue reading Social Inner-Working

RedCross Uses Social Media to Help Flood Victims

Cross-posted on Marketonomy ReadWriteWeb has a great story on the impressive mashup of social media tools the RedCross is using to engage with flood victims in the midwest. The newsroom site runs off of WordPress, and it’s being used to push out press releases, media, and information about shelters. The Red Cross is using Utterz… Continue reading RedCross Uses Social Media to Help Flood Victims