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Our Social Leadership strategies are designed to help businesses build the right teams and processes to design and run effective social marketing and media programs as an active member of their market community. Tailored programs often include some mix of internal communications, team building and training, as well as customer facing research and dialog, including interviews, surveys and meetups.

Our Social Marketing programs merge social media technologies with existing marketing programs and resources, or create self-contained programs for innovative market engagement at minimal risk. Tailored programs run the spectrum from social mobile content and viral video, to executive podcasts and customer support forums. We also offer standardized programs for social media relations, customer advisory groups and market community events.

Our Social Media technologies support social marketing programs by ensuring the effective provision and integration of tools and applications. We are able to provide on-demand applications and custom development through proven partnerships when needed, and we collaborate seamlessly with internal IT teams and contractors, whether the supporting technology is blog, wiki, swiki, forum, CMS, RSS, webcast, videocast or any emerging or custom application.

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