MotiveLab helps forward-thinking companies bridge the gap between social media goals at the strategic level and program execution at the tactical level. We do this by providing visibility into your unique social networked landscape, analysis of the conversations shaping your market and planning for the social media marketing mix that will move your company forward. We call the combination of marketing, technology and consulting services Social Leadership Marketing.

MotiveLab's Social Media Marketing Process

A typical Social Leadership Marketing engagement requires six weeks to complete.

1 WEEK: Goal Setting
We begin by talking with you about your company or product goals. How does your current marketing mix align with the sales process? What social marketing initiatives are already in play? What metrics are key when tracking customer relationships? Setting the right strategic goals not only helps us understand which conversations are important but also begins to define the breadth of solutions available to build an effective social media program.

1 WEEK: Scan, Listen, Chart
What conversations are shaping your market. Where are market-changing conversations happening? An effective Social Media Marketing plan must be based on the gathering of real conversations influencing customer attitudes, opinions, and purchasing behavior in your market. — not on opinion, speculation, or asserted expertise.

3 WEEKS: Analyze, Measure, Profile
Which conversations truly matter? Who influences the purchase decision and level of satisfaction? What topics are shaping the attitudes of your customers or partners? MotiveLab uses a proprietary analytic methodology to filter relevant conversations from blogs, customer forums, social networks, video networks, online review sites and even virtual worlds. We will analyze and measure any relevant consumer dialog in order to make targeted recommendations.

1 WEEK: Make recommendations and plan delivery
How should your company respond to conversations? What are the venues where important conversations are happening? Should your company respond within your venue or drive the conversation to a controlled environment? The data we gather over the course of one month reveals critical trends in content, conversation participants and influencers, social media venues and opportunities for engagement. This data and analysis is the foundation for developing effective strategic and tactical plans necessary for a successful social media marketing approach.

The Social Leadership Marketing engagement ends with a report that includes access to the collected data, analysis of the data and discussion of its implications, and a specific plan for the development of marketing programs to maximize your social media opportunity.

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