MotiveLab’s New Austin Connection

It’s been another crazy few weeks as we ramp up at high speed with new clients and new projects. Lot’s of good things to talk about, but nothing more exciting than the addition of Joel Granoff to as a co-founder and general partner. Joel is formerly VP of Business Development at Bulldog Solutions, an innovative and successful lead gen solutions provider I partnered with when I was at the CMO Council. I’m down in Austin, Texas this week, where Joel is opening a MotiveLab office in the middle of one of the country’s most vibrant business economies. Dell is headquarted here, along with Whole Foods, National Instruments, and a huge number of high-tech start-ups and mid-size companies. SXSW is here We’re on a whirlwind tour of local businesses and partners this week, talking about social media and its application to marketing. Yesterday we met with Lee Newman, a Senior Vice President with the firm–the agency that helped Southwest Airlines find it’s brand, along with Walmart and now BMW. Today, we’re meeting with Joel Greenberg, Vice President of Marketing Innovation at , a firm that helps companies launch themselves in virtual worlds. We’re looking at collaborating on some content to help marketers navigate the opportunities of the 3D web.

We’ve got a lot more lined up which I’ll note during the week. And you’ll see Joel posting here soon. In the meantime, take a look at Joel’s impressive resume, including his background in retail and his time in the earliest stages of Compaq’s growth. He’s a huge addition to MotiveLab, and we’re excited about our new roots in Austin. Currently i’m additional advice employed by a school district to work with small groups of students throughout the day to prepare them for the map test


  1. See, I am following you via blog, even if we can’t manage more than a 2-minute phone call! Congrats on all the big doings & welcome to Joel.

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