Getting Schooled on Social Media

So after I just crowed about getting 600 leads through our latest lead gen program, Jeremiah Owyang, who writes on social marketing out there, says “dude, that’s so 1.0”. And he’s right. Out of 600 leads, we’ve had phone conversations with about 30. No community, no open dialog, no engagement. As Owyang points out, he can post something similar on Facebook, drive dialog and engagement with dozens if not hundreds of marketers, and know as much as he wants to know about everyone who engages through their profile.

Take this as part of the learning curve, even for agencies that are supposed to know what they’re doing. We still have a lot of room to learn. The fun part is, we can learn quickly.

So, we’ve set up a group on Facebook, where we’re making the whitepaper available as an unregistered download. All we’re asking in return is for opinions. What do you like? What sucks? What would you like to see us cover in a future marketing brief?

Join us on Facebook at the .

BTW. You should also check out Jeremiah’s Facebook group, called the .

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